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Every company that intends to deliver quality products and services needs to choose its suppliers and partners very well.

We handpicked our partners to provide our customers with the most advanced technology in the world, always striving for the safety, agility and reliability of the solutions adopted.


In 1995, Arnaldo went to Brasília to do his first test of Windows 95, but for one reason it didn't pass. The other year, he returned to Brasilia to take the official courses and managed to obtain the certification of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on Windows NT Server 5.1. Then he returned to Belém where, together with a friend also MCSE, he accredited the first Microsoft Solution Provider in the North region. In that same year, José Junior also started his certification as MCSE, concluding the following year with the recently launched Windows NT 4.0.

Since then, they have maintained the certifications in the updated versions of Microsoft Windows Server in addition to other certifications of large companies in the market and strategic partners.

And it is through the new partnership model with Microsoft that can deliver end-to-end solutions, from supporting Windows workstations to the Azure Cloud services platform. We highlight mainly the management of servers with Microsoft Windows Server and its various built-in services and the increased collaboration / productivity of the Microsoft 365 platform. Complete solutions with artificial intelligence to improve the day-to-day life of companies and make data storage safer.


We first met LogMeIn in 2006, shortly after changing its name from 3am Labs. We used the free version as a remote access tool for our customers but in an update we identified that we would need to purchase the commercial version and ended up changing tools for a period. 10 years later we were pleased to see how much the tools had evolved and we signed up for the LogMeIn Rescue product. With the growth of, we needed a more complete product and moved it to LogMein Central. With this suite, has in its hands all the power of management and control of all devices on our customers' networks. All of this communication is recorded and encrypted, confirming our concern with security and transparency in the calls. We were able to control software updates and monitor antivirus activities in real time with just a few clicks. In addition, we create smart triggers that, depending on the situation, take immediate data protection actions. The icing on the cake is definitely Bitdefender's embedded antivirus with which we already have a 3-year partnership with great success and peace of mind for our customers.


Together with gBackup, created its application to permanently protect our customers' data. The operation is very simple: an application is installed on the server or on the workstation that contains the centralized data of the client. Then, the transfer of this data is securely scheduled to the gBackup data centers and our customers only pay for what they use. Reports on the status of each operation are sent immediately, avoiding problems when retrieving information.


In 2019 we started the creation of the company's commercial area but in the new molds of Digital Marketing. So after several searches and conversations with companies from all over Brazil, we chose RD, a company specialized in results-oriented digital marketing with the first concepts of persona, leads, landing pages and email marketing. In the first week of partnership, we were invited to an event at the end of that year, the RD Summit.

Undoubtedly a watershed for, the basis for the creation of Empresa + InteliGENTE and the largest network that we had already experienced in 14 years as entrepreneurs. Through this event we met another great partner that we will quote below.


Our newest partner, not so new since it has been 1 year since they started to develop and generate the content of, which today is the largest knowledge base of technological solutions focused on small and medium companies.

We deliver this content for free because we believe that education is the foundation of any nation's development, so we are extremely pleased to contribute to it.

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