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A little of our history ...

It was the end of 2004 when Arnaldo, in an initially informal conversation with José Junior, decided to put all the technological experience they had gained working in large companies in Brazil (which had networks with more than 500 servers and 10,000 workstations) at the service of small and medium-sized enterprises in the northern region.

The initial objective would be to work with a CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) from Microsoft and with that came CRM-it. With the first customers, it was clear that there was a shortage of skilled labor to create the corporate network infrastructure with security, tools and adequate support. Thus, what was initially an additional service became the business strategy that would lead the foundation in 2009 of, a company specialized in administration and support of networks for small and medium-sized companies.

From the beginning relying on Microsoft's partnership, quickly became a reference in the region in everything that involved technology using products and services from the software giant. Around 2012, we started the deployment of Mikrotik firewalls to all customers, both in software and equipment, aiming to increase security and control Internet access for our customers.

Building a business based on the competence and training of our team, in 2013 we expanded our partnership with Microsoft through the software rental program (SPLA) as a way to reduce the cost of purchasing products and bring the reliability of original software to everyone company servers.

At the beginning of 2016, we entered into a partnership with the world's largest corporate antivirus company, Bitdefender, of Romanian origin and also with the use of the software as a service (SaaS) format, implementing this efficient protection technology against all our customers. cyber attacks.

2019 arrived and with it many strategic changes that took to another level of service. We increased the existing partnership with LogMeIn, a leader in server and workstation management through intelligent and remote support, adopting a set of tools that integrate the administration of updates to all existing software on customers and with antivirus management revolutionary.

Without a doubt, these years were incredible for us to be able to create our first set of products for all market segments, always focusing on small and medium businesses that represent more than 5 million companies in Brazil and are definitely the driving force of our parents.

Then comes the Empresa + Inteligente, a set of solutions from for companies that want to reach their maximum potential.

Designed for customers who do not have an organized IT structure and also for those who are already more advanced, Empresa + Inteligente enables support with a unique experience, an increase in the security of existing data, greater collaboration of the teams and even the migration of the entire company structure to the Cloud.

We are sure that our services can lead any company in the world to achieve all its objectives and goals using technology as an ally in this journey.

It is our invitation to learn more about our company and so that we can learn more about your business and thus make your company a + Smart Company.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Arnaldo Paes de Andrade

Arnaldo Paes de Andrade


He went through Electrical Engineering, training as a Data Processing Technologist but found himself in the area of Business Management. One of the precursors of the Microsoft certification movement in the northern region, it has more than 50 certifications in different products and versions.

Triathlete, businessman, father and passionate about the study of languages and other cultures.

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Homobono Jr


Agricultural Engineer by training, 1st place in his university entrance exam, he fell in love with the Windows directory trees, achieved the much desired certification of Microsoft Certified System Engineer for over 15 years and others more from Microsoft, CISCO and Mikrotik.

Ultramarathoner, businessman, father and lover of the art of tattoos.

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